Are you a sincere seeker committed to awakening
and living with the freedom and fulfillment
you sense is possible?

Have you invested your time, energy and money on teachers,
therapists, books, videos, retreats and practices hoping to reach a place of completion?

Are you ready to experience a deeper breakthrough with more
consistent clarity and a lasting freedom that you have not found through these other resources?

With ease and grace, Integrated Awakening Mentorship can help you finally experience the breakthrough you sense is possible in 3 to 12 months.


“ I found myself “being awareness” with very little to no thought in a rich and full embodied way – truly on a whole new level. I am very grateful.”
— Elizabeth Powers

If you are here, now, reading these words, then there is a good chance you have the
sincerity to realize the freedom and fulfillment you sense is possible.

The opportunity in this moment is for you to explore how your sacred longing, your
desire for Truth is more than just a nagging idea but something REAL prompting you
towards Itself. Without buying into any new beliefs, you can discover this for yourself in a way that is simple and sustainable so you can enjoy the bounty you can now almost taste.

Be honest with yourself: Do you have the clarity of perception to navigate this journey alone or do you sense that with the right support and guidance, you can experience the breakthrough you feel is possible?

Are you truly ready to take the next step toward this breakthrough?

My name is Robb Boswell and I’m here to help you wake up and live awake to the
freedom and fulfillment that is unconditional using a simple yet profound 6 layer process:

The 6 Layer Process for Embodying Unconditional Freedom and Fulfillment

AWAKENING FOUNDATION – Begin by tasting the direct experience of your inherent Wholeness in a rich and full embodied way

INTEGRATE & STABILIZE* – Wake up again and again to this Wholeness within your daily life until it becomes your predominant way of being

EMBODY SELF-LOVE – Live peacefully with your unique human mind/body characteristics and challenges

SHIFT SUFFERING INTO FREEDOM – Relieve suffering and find out how optional it really is

DISCOVER YOUR LIMITLESS NATURE – Realize the liberating truth about what you are and what you are not

FULFILL YOUR SEARCH – Feel the Presence of what you long for most in any moment

* Integration and Stabilization Includes support for Spiritual Crisis and Emergency


I’ve helped many seekers awaken to the
fulfillment of their deepest longing since 2012 when I began to follow the deep impulse to share the truth about unconditional freedom and fulfillment as a mentor. While in my own journey I found some useful information listening to recordings, reading books and attending a handful of meetings or satsangs with realized teachers, I didn’t hire a one-on-one awakening mentor until I was 8 years into trying to stabilize, integrate and deepen the awakening that changed my life.  Although my initial shift of consciousness was profound, it was also incomplete, and I knew it. Hiring a mentor facilitated the major breakthrough I’d been seeking. I experienced even more clarity, learned how to shift my suffering into freedom, and my search for the abiding presence of the deepest fulfillment I’d ever known came to an end.

In my own journey I’ve experienced dramatic spontaneous awakening by grace through the opening of my body as well as the more gradual and gentle unfolding of liberation over time through intentionally harnessing the power of attention. I’ve struggled with the hard and painful path of spiritual crisis and learned how to shift that to the more graceful and ease-filled way of surrender, and helped my clients to do the same. The methods and programs I offer have evolved from all this experience and knowledge so you can awaken to the inherent freedom and fulfillment of your own being in a gentle and sustainable way while remaining grounded in daily life.

If you are curious to learn more about how this process could work for you, I encourage you to sign up for a Complimentary Awakening Breakthrough Session. In that session, we will look at where you are, where you want to be, and look at some approaches and/or tools to bridge that gap. You will walk away with value no matter what, and if it makes sense to talk further about working together to implement those methods, we can do that, as well.  Click here to sign up for your Complimentary Awakening Breakthrough Session.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

With Appreciation,

Robb Boswell